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PostSubject: Updates!   Tue Jul 06, 2010 8:53 pm

Several major and minor clan updates & events that have happened over the past few weeks.

Here is a list of them:

1. Website Logo and theme has been modified. (Lookz good doesn't it)

2. We now have over 20 members in the clan.

3. DE uses DS-Online 1.32 now.

4. The Tutorial Section has been updated, and more tutorials were added.

5. The -O (Outcast) ranks are no longer available. It has been decided that in order to join the clan, you must be able to access the forums and make a joining app. Or else this clan won't look or be serous at all. This rank also was completely useless to the clan.. and we are trying our best to make the ranking system advanced but yet simple as possible.

6. The Scripting/Marcoing rule has been changed. Instead of being a rule, we have put it in the "Not Recommended" section. This is because most of JK2 Scripts & Evc. And many of them are good players without the Scripts/Evc. There are also many other reasons for this not being a rule. One of them is that you can't always tell who scripts and who uses Evc.

7. The Trials have been divided into two maps now. The Regular DE Trials (uses the jedicouncil map), and the Advanced DE Trials, which are for Knights, Champions, & Masters only (uses the Expedition map)

8. We are also going to have a Tournament with KD in the near-future.

-And that's all for now! Cool

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