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 dE Philosophy

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PostSubject: dE Philosophy   Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:16 pm

What is the point of dE? Is it just another JK2 clan? Is it just another JK2 Skill guide?

This is a very ambitious clan. It has many goals and purposes it wants to accomplish:
1. Help revive JK2 by attracting new ambitious & dedicated members, and train them in all forms of JK2 fighting (ffa, ff, dueling, etc.).

2. Have different events, tournaments, and Competitions.

3. Organize an advanced rank system, and encourage (& help) those in the lower ranks to advance to the higher ones.

4. Create (or help create) Maps/Mods/Skins & Other Technical Stuff.

5. dE is about respect, and not stupidity. That's why it is more of a pro-laming clan. Laming is a loose made-up term which is abused by a lot of clans and there admins. dE is also against all forms of Admin Abuse. If a person keeps on being annoying and dis-respective, do you just ban him? Surely there are other forms of non-admin ways to teach someone there lesson. We only use admin when it is absolutely necessary or to organize certain events & such.

6. Is dE a newb clan? No, dE does accept new & unskilled players, however on special terms: they have to train and get to the higher ranks within a couple days (or weeks/depends on the rank). This is why ranks exist, to divide the skill level & respect level of members.

7. Have FUN! - The reason you're are playing JK2...
-As detailed & serious as this clan may seem, it never forgets what it's all about. That's why almost everything in the clan (Promotion/Trials/Training/Events/etc.) is made while having "Fun" in mind.

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dE Philosophy
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