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 dE Rules/Laws

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PostSubject: dE Rules/Laws   Thu Jul 09, 2009 1:07 am

Server Rules
1. Don't Disrupt/Interrupt Duels.

2. No Racism/discrimination (of any form).

3. No Spamming (It becomes extremely annoying).

4. Show Respect.

5. Do not Crack or Crash the dE server.

6. Do not use emotes to assist in a fight.

7. Do not impersonate admins or any dE clan members (Also do not say your in dE clan when you're not).

8. Have Fun!

dE Clan Rules
1. No Multi-Clanning (Guides Don't Count, however you still will have to put dE before any other guide first)

2. No Admin Abuse

Honor/Respect - We will not ban you if you do not participate in the below, but you will make yourself look like a noob, better yet a fool.

1. Bowing at the beginning of a duel, or at least don't attack the next second the duel is engaged (any duel).

2. Don't drain/heal in FF duels (unless agreed with the other player)

3. No Kicking or Ground kills in basic dueling (unless agreed with the other player).

4. (This is 4 Clan Members Only) Represent dE by wearing dE clan tags at least most of the time, this is optional, but is defiantly recommended.

5. Don't Script/Marco, unless you want to make some members look down on you.

6. Don't Telerun in servers where they have teles on. (Exceptions are: You're getting ganged or emote attacked)

7. Don't use emotes to assist in fights.
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dE Rules/Laws
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