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 Technical JK2 Tips:

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PostSubject: Technical JK2 Tips:   Tue Jul 27, 2010 11:38 pm

Technical JK2 Tips:

-If you can't see certain skin changes, press TAB (High Scores) and the player skin changes should be applyed.

-If you have a low fps, you can try to lower you're video/graphic settings to make you're fps increase.

-The command to show you're fps is: /cg_drawfps 1
-The command to hide you're fps is: /cg_drawfps 0

-The command to increase/lower (Basically set a Max FPS) you're fps is: /com_maxfps 125 (It's recommanded that you set you're fps to 125 for best performance)

-Reborn Hidden Models: In a multiplayer game bring down the console and type::
"/model reborn/boss" for the hidden purple reborn.
"/model reborn/acrobat" for the hidden blue reborn.
"/model reborn/forceuser" for the original reborn skin.
"/model reborn/fencer" for the hidden green reborn.

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Technical JK2 Tips:
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